Artist Statement

          My artwork is about inter-connectivity. The metaphysical energy that encompasses and intertwines all things animate and inanimate and is intrinsic to them, to us. These ideas and experiences are essential to my conceptual approach. The intellectual and expressive disciplines and entities intertwined are a huge influence to me. The range of influences is vast and can include anything from string theory, color theory, activity, and many more.


          My visual language has developed over the years through a plethora of endeavors. My visual language incorporates the gesture and aesthetics of graffiti, the geometry of architecture, and living on the plane of existence and moving, traveling, resting on the horizon as well as the underground, and the celestial realms. The voyage of the self in these and being inter-connected within them is the epitome of my expression. There are different motivations and stories for each piece but ultimately through what I refer to as obsessive abstraction of interconnectivity I prefer for the viewer to determine what you see.

-You can purchase my artwork by contacting me at [email protected] to receive a quote. If you see artwork that you are interested in and it does not say "*privately owned" or "SOLD" then you can inquire about a price. Any feedback is always welcome and I can be receptive to collaborative projects.

BUNKER is a group art show/pop up project that I began at my residence when I lived in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn from 2006-2015. The first show was titled "BUNKER" and took place 6/2014. The link for the website dedicated to the shows is below. There were four shows in total and were meant to develop

 community. You can check out the websites I designed for the shows here BUNKER

Artist Bio

Joe grew up in New Brunswick, NJ. At an early age he became involved in skateboarding, punk rock, hardcore, techno, heavy metal, hip hop, and graffiti, and their at time separate and yet other times intertwining scenes. He was involved in all of those music scenes in New Jersey and in NYC promoting shows, DJing, and just helping people do theirs and do his DIY projects, showing support and love. As well as working construction for almost a decade he has also worked as a graphic designer. These two jobs have also influenced his style. Joe lived in NYC initially in 1997 and moved back to NJ to go to school at Rutgers/Mason Gross School of the Arts in 2000. He attained his B.F.A. and M.F.A. from there including numerous awards finishing in 2006. He then moved back to NYC and lived in Brooklyn for 10 years. Joe currently lives in NJ and works as an art handler during the day.  

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Exhibitions-visual art

                                title of show                                                 name of venue                               location


2013                        Act of Jah-installation                               Engineer's Office Gallery                  Manhattan, NY

2007                        Germination, Comparison, Expression        717 Gallery                                     Brooklyn, NY



2016                        Untitled                                                  Christie's                                         Manhattan, NY

2016                        Beg, Borrow, Steal (Recess Benefit)         Pioneer Works                                 Brooklyn, NY

2016                        Love It or Hate It  10                               The Skinny                                      Manhattan, NY                                  

2016                        Never Blue                                             Con-artist Gallery                             Manhattan, NY

2015                        Welling Court Art Show                            Welling Court                                   Queens, NY

2015                        Deconstruct the Police State                   BUNKER                                         Brooklyn, NY(artist/curator)

2015                        No Apologies                                          Christie's                                         Manhattan, NY

2015                        LoMan Art Fest                                       114 Mulberry Street                          Manhattan, NY

2015                        Love it or Hate it                                     Casablanca Bar                                Manhattan, NY

2015                        Bushwick Open Studios                           participant                                        Brooklyn, NY

2015                        Down East Pop-up gallery NYC                Casablanca Bar                                Manhattan, NY

2015                        Making History-AIB 2015 Benefit             Ten Eyck Gallery                               Brooklyn, NY (benefit)

2015                        Lend a Hand for Connor Man                   Eagles Nest Two                               Stratsburg, NY (benefit)

2015                        Forget Me Nots                                       Bunker                                             Brooklyn, NY (artist/curator)

2015                        Natefest                                                 Game Changer World                        Howell, NJ (benefit)

2014                        Day of the Dead show                              BUNKER                                         Brooklyn (artist/curator)

2014                        Bushwick Open Studios                            participant                                       Brooklyn, NY

2013                        BUNKER                                                 BUNKER Gallery                             Brooklyn, NY(artist/curator)

2013                        The Salon                                                Christie's                                         Manhattan, NY

2013                        Bushwick Open studios                            artist's studio-participant                   Brooklyn, NY

2012                        photographer in Zefrey Throwell's              "Midtown Games"                              Manhattan, NY

2012                        Insider Art Show                                      Christie’s                                           Manhattan, NY

2011                        From the Street                                        Max Fish                                          Manhattan, NY

2011                        Insider Art Show                                      Christie’s                                           Manhattan, NY

2010                        Insider Art Show                                      Christie’s                                           Manhattan, NY

2010                        Day of the Dead                                       Kings County                                    Brooklyn, NY

2009                        Staff Art Show                                          Christie’s                                          Manhattan, NY

2009                        I Don’t Know                                             C Squat                                           Manhattan, NY

2008                        Beautiful Debauchery                               King’s County Bar                             Brooklyn, NY 

2008                        Where we are, and how we got here.          Texas Firehouse                               Queens, NY 

2008                        Clothesline                                               ABC NO RIO                                   New York, NY (benefit)

2007                        Benefit Show                                            Texas Firehouse                              Queens, NY

2007                        Streets 2K7                                               Albus Cavus                                   New Brunswick, NJ

2006                        Projekt 1                                                   Kalk Media Center                           Cologne, Germany

2006                        M.F.A. Thesis                                           Rutgers                                           New Brunswick, NJ

2006                        Antogonist                                                Niagra Gallery                                 Manhattan, NY

2006                        Works on Paper                                        Flux Factory                                    Queens, NY  (benefit)

2006                        Spectrum                                                 Hogar Collection                               Brooklyn, NY           

2005                        The Americans                                         Glass Moog                                     Cologne, Germany

2005                        Welcome Back                                         Rutgers                                           New Brunswick, NJ

2005                        Addicted to Bondo                                     Decrepit Space                               New Brunswick, NJ

2004                        First International Juried                            SICA                                               Long Branch, NJ

2004                        B.F.A. Thesis                                           Rutgers                                            New Brunswick, NJ

2004                        Suitcase                                                  Glass Moog                                      Cologne, Germany

2004                        Art Open                                                  Rutgers                                            New Brunswick, NJ

2003                        Outer Space                                             LAB Gallery                                      Piscataway, NJ

2002                        Art Open                                                  Rutgers                                             New Brunswick, NJ

2002                        One in Eight                                             RWJ Memorial Gallery                       New Brunswick, NJ(benefit)

2001                        Art Open                                                  Rutgers                                            New Brunswick, NJ


 M.F.A.            2006                        Sculpture/Painting                       Rutgers/Mason Gross

 B.F.A.            2004                        Sculpture                                    Rutgers/Mason Gross (Cum Laude)


2004                         Paul Robeson Emerging Artist Award

2004                        Juror’s Award SICA First International Juried Exhibit

2003                        James O. Dumont grant

Other Skills

            I have a wide range of experiences in many areas from being a spur of the moment roadie for bands, an extra in T.V. commercials and on a couple television shows, as well as small roles in independent films to doing graphic design for album and CD artwork to singing back-up vocals on punk rock records. I also DJed for quite a while on the radio, in the clubs, and abandoned warehouse raves. I have also written record reviews for different types of electronic music for the fanzine Base 10 magazine while also doing a couple of electronic music projects over the years. All of this and many others were and are still enjoyed amidst writing graffiti and doing street art for over twenty years, which I still do, or do I?



     2012         “Christie’s Insider Art Show”

     2011                  NY 1 television “Things to do in NY”           

     2006                  Home News and Tribune, May, New Brunswick, NJ

     2003                  Asbury Park Press, May, Asbury Park, NJ